Property Management July 11, 2023

What Does A Property Manager Do?

What Does A Property Manager Do?

As a homeowner, if you are moving but are not ready to sell, then consider hiring me as your property manager.    

I will manage all or most of the following tasks:      

  • Rent Collection
  • Show your home to prospective tenants
  • Set up your online account
  • Prepare the paperwork
  • Advertises, find, screen and place a tenant(s)
  • Security Deposits
  • Inspections of Property (move in, quarterly, drive by and move out)
  • Repair & Maintenance Service – Handles all issues with the tenant(s) and the property. (No calls to the owner at 4PM on a Saturday!) I maintain the right network of people, including handypersons, electricians, plumbers, and general maintenance specialists.


Finding Good Tenants

My goal is to find a tenant who will take care of the property, follow all your rules, and pay their rent on time. This dramatically minimizes the headaches that a landlord might face.  I will conduct thorough screenings, including rental history, employment, credit, and criminal background.

3 key characteristics you will find in me as your property manager:

•          I’m Local (close proximity to your rental property)

•          I Communicate

•          I’m Accessible

 Do you know how difficult it is to manage a property especially from far away like another state? I am local to the area and close to your property.

   A good property manager will communicate with the owner frequently. Whether it’s a proactive phone call to let you know of a costly repair or a monthly rent/repair report, there will be an active line of communication between you and me as your property manager. I will also be in communication with tenants, as necessary.

 Finally, a good property manager should be accessible. If there’s a repair that needs to be taken care of ASAP, as your property manager I’ll be accessible to make that repair happen.  

Managing property can feel impossible when you don’t have enough time to devote to it. Let me take all the stresses of being a landlord off your shoulders and give you more peace of mind when you are ready to sell. Contact Joanie Pape Real Estate today and let’s get started!