Real Estate October 10, 2023

Say “Boo” to High Mortgage Rates

When we think of the month of October, visions of Pumpkin Patches and Children getting ready for Halloween pop into our minds. The crisp fall breezes are so welcoming after our long, hot summer here on the Emerald Coast.

Even though October is a busy and happening month, it can also be the month for you to be looking for your dream home to buy. Say “Boo” to high mortgage rates. Don’t let high mortgage rates stop you from looking for your dream home. I will be more than happy to help you find that home of your dreams.

We are in a challenging market, no doubt. Homeowners aren’t listing their homes, which is keeping prices up. Prices are based on supply and demand, and right now inventory is low. Hang in there because things WILL CHANGE!!

If you are looking for a Property Manager in the interim, please contact me. I am here to offer my help in whatever way I can. I am available to assist you with ALL of your Real Estate needs, so please contact me at