Real Estate March 26, 2024

Did you miss your pot of Gold?

If you think you missed your pot of Gold; well, you haven’t.  Take the initial step in the buying process and get prequalified.  You may just surprise yourself.  New listings and inventory are on the rise so don’t wait to buy real estate.

Check your credit score every 2-3 months.  Checking your own credit score will not affect your score, only applying for new credit will.  Make watching your credit a priority.

Once you are prequalified contact me to help you find your dream home, and after you are under contract DO NOT go out and purchase anything on credit until after you close on your home.  I can’t tell you the deals that have fallen through because someone went out and purchased a new car or made some other big purchase and crushed their dream of becoming a homeowner.

Don’t wait for rates to go down because if that should happen you can always refinance, and if you wait you may just miss out on the pot of gold you have been looking for.

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